Working Dog Videos

Working dogs have been supplied by ATS K9 for Police, Security agencies and Private corporations for high profile assignments worldwide for more than 25 years.

We have provided certified working K9 teams for Land Mines sweeps, Drug, Accelerant detection on a contract basis. If you are in the Pest Removal business we can show you how to increase your revenue with a trained bed bug detection dog.

Basics of training boxes

Scent Proofing and Maintenance


Dog Brace Obedience and Protection

How do they train drug dogs?

Passive Alert Drug Dog Training. All of our dogs are trained with this method

Mine Detection Dog Cross Training

Trained Drug Dog

Arson Dog Demonstration

Bed Bug Detection

Selection of Passive and Aggressive Indication dogs

Trained Drug Detection Dog For Sale

Explosive Detection Dog For Sale

Aggressive indication K9

Human Remains K9

Tracking IPO Training