Training Equipment | Scent Box

These scent training boxes are constructed from long lasting, durable sheet metal.

Size 9.5″ x 9.5 x 5.5. Great for working your dog vertically or horizontally. Can slide open easily with hand or foot. They are easily cleaned and wash out without any concern over leaving any residual or spilled odors. Will not warp.

Uncoated $110.00 Cdn $ plus shipping. NEW are powder coating $175.00 Cdn plus shipping.

Watch this short video that shows how to properly use a scent box for training.

Scent Box Training

The scent box is the fastest and best method for teaching odor recognition. I have used other methods, but the scent box is the easiest and most reliable to correctly teach odor recognition and proper sit response at the source..

Sent detection boxes are the easiest way for training.