FAQ by Customers

Frequently Asked Questions by Customers using our Services

I get my dogs from reliable vendors, the dogs are x-rayed, blood profile and a general veterinary check with no problems. If there are any problems they rejected.

If they wouldn’t work for me, I would reject them.

Calibrate means to refresh the dogs indication on odor. On dogs that are well seasoned with a lot of experience you should not have to do this. Some clients may want to see the dog indicate on odor before you start your search, this is not a problem. If it is a drug dog it has to indicate on Marijuana, Hash, Heroine, Cocaine, Crack cocaine, Oxi, Meth, and Opiates, and some prescription drugs as well as residue from known drugs. If you were to make a hide say Hash, as an example, at the beginning, during and after your search is completed. You are basically encouraging the dog to hit on one odor. If every time you go to a job and you use the one odor this is a problem you could encourage. As a trainer and handler you should be doing regular maintenance with your dog on all of the odors he is trained for.

The answer is NO. If some trainers and handlers practice this kind of training the dog will at times miss substance. It has been my experience and opinion, with all the years of training, this will happen.

They are not only independently certified with Eastern States Working Dog Association , their training records are up to date, and maintained regularly in house.

With any detection dogs, their primary focus should be on detection work and not have any aggression issues.

 Our dogs can work for 1 hr. on 1400 lockers for example – and consistently find drugs or explosives.

 No they are trained to find substance and are rewarded with their toy.

The dog can tell you where the drugs are or have been. Our dogs will indicate on residue.

He has been called in court as an expert witness many times.

Yes, we have never had anyone supply us with trained dogs. We have also supplied many companies in Ontario with our trained dogs, (drugs and bombs).

Yes, we work with many Police Departments and private organizations that have real substance.

Many Dual purpose Patrol dogs –Canada, U.S.A. , South America, Turks and Caicos

Owner of the first privately owned and trained accelerant dog in Canada.

One of two Canadians to work overseas training dogs and handlers to detect Landmines.

First Canadian to work his own landmine detection dogs in the mine fields. ( My SOP’s accepted by the UN that I had to walk in the field that my dog cleared) Who would you trust?

We have had at times companies independently check to confirm the indications for the drug dog. All were positive.