Detection Dog Training Books

Our new detection dog training book, is step by step help,  with photos on how to train your detection dog.

All detection training starts the same way, just add the odour and away you go.

Read short stories from my field of work over the years, and you will understand why It’s Not a Job, It’s a Lifestyle.


Both of these book teach you how to search for drugs and other contraband the way professionals do, so you can keep your home and workplace drug free. You’ll learn to use a professional search system efficiently and effectively.

These books are NOT about treating addiction. There are many other books offering treatment advice. Instead, this book focuses on the practical (and overlooked) issue of finding and eliminating drugs from your premises.

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Police K9 – One of the more elite K9 Magazines in the United States featured us in the January/ February issue as Pick of the Month.

Published in one of the most prestigious K9 Magazines in the US in November 2022. Police K9